You’re right there’s a duplicate of HDAenabler! However it is only 2-channel stereo, not the true multi-channel audio I want to deliver. This driver doesn’t work with ALCinjector. Personally, I’m now completely satisfied and thrilled with the audio results with what I’ve accomplished. That’s not what I’m trying to accomplish. OK, i’ve been seeing a number of motherboards

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Nov 6, Messages: This required that I use Catalyst to reverse its previous understanding of where monitor 1 and 2 were in relation to each other. And this is why no multi-channel output was previously being sent out the optical connection, because I’d never known about this tab and its un-checked-by-default options.

Probably one of the best Analog only Quality onboard audio chip at present. Just a final post-script to this story Windows 7 Pro x64 1Win7 Pro X64 2. You’re lucky, enjoy it!!

Rather, I’m simply trying to send the original untouched digital DD5. Great, click on ATL1E link in my signature and download latest version, this works even after sleep.

About iTunes and dts track I can’t help, I hope some other could, but maybe this is not the right thread. Digital Out works but you can’t set the volume, right?


It’s still not there. Can you control digital volume at the source?

One solution for configuring “Realtek ALC” in Alsa

I thought you should all know that Marionez’ kext for the ALC kext is a twofer two for one. Thank you for the info. Newest drivers from realte.

The monitor that got reconfigured is now running alf1200 x 50hz via HDMI, instead of x 60hz via DVI, but otherwise the change is essentially painless. Not only does it work perfect, near as I can tell, but it also dramatically improved the sleep function.

I almost given hope for my sounds and line-in. In other words, to obtain true digital multi-channel exactly as in the source program, so 2-channel or Dolby Digital 5. I have new DTS music and iTunes play the soungs in static, this is fake! Sorry i’m of no help here with windows xp. How are they connected to the video card?

Anyway, I got it back unchanged and unfixed, but it’s no longer an issue and was reinstalling it. I decided I really very much preferred the way that monitor looked when it was xx60hz DVI, rather than the alternate xpx50hz HDMI, for everyday work. al1200

So that’s the current problem. So now I have all of the flexibility I really want, picking one or the other of the following choices: Do you know of any vanilla fix for this that does not involve fixed IPs? Windows 10 64 bit.


Thanks to a page by Maxim Levitsky and Paulo Roma CavalcantiA,c1200 found out that there exists an actual control called ‘Input Source’ which toggles which input source is active. What is the source for your multi-channel sound?

Realtek ALC1200 (The confusion and questions answered)

ALC Latest drivers from Realtek. It’s just that in this new arrangement the is now planned to be fed simply from my PC, but just as any other digital audio-only source device via HDMI or optical.

Alc12200 I worked on the Dell users forum, we had complaints about this very thing on some Dell models. I can’t setting digital output. Thanks and keep on rockin! Now in sound preference there’s no useless “Internal speaker” “Built in” for input and output.