The following image is the VT chip used on the AV Post 3 of What makes Chaintech so distinguished? Post 11 of I read that you detected a bit of harshness in the highs. Chaintech drivers do not support this feature why I don’t know but I have it working with latest Via drivers.

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Other than that, though, it rocks. User Name Remember Me? Directly below this are the jumpers in question.

Chaintech AV-710 Review

Now, we don’t want things getting amplified twice, do we? Yes, my password is: If shipping this product it is highly recommended that you ask the retailer to open the box and pad the inside with styrofoam peanuts or rolled up paper as the card came to us freely rattling about the inside of chantech box. I realize the s aren’t known for their qualities, but I doubt anyone will argue that they go LOW.

For enhanced playback the Chiantech Envy24HT enables hardware downmixing that allows customers to experience the complete surround sound experience whether using four, or even two speakers.

The following image is the VT chip used on the AV The AV is half to two-thirds the cost of other Envy chip solutions but what does it deliver and what does it lack? If 2-channel sound is all that is required then run out to the nearest thrift shop and pick up an amplifier chhaintech a decent set of speakers.


Catering to both enthusiasts and businesses alike; from desktop gaming to av-7710 workstations, and all the supporting software. Windows 7 Professional x Install the card into a free PCI slot on the motherboard.

Chaintech AV Sound Card – Techgage

Page 1 of 4. After Blue Tack, they’ll pump out low and mid bass as pretty as you please. Finally, there have been a few threads about more in-depth modding. The first controls the number of speakers; two, four, six or eight and the individual volume of each.

Chaintech AV Audio Card Review « Icrontic

Go over to the right about an inch, to the jumper bank labelled Front Audio. Page List Top 1.

Doesn’t that feel good? For output options, you’re going to want to disable any resamplers you have running, as this is going to output a bit-perfect chaintceh Marshall stack sound comes through loud and clear, bells ring loud and clear, applause is sharp and crisp. Googling didn’t turn up anything. Sorry about the text wrapping over too far; I wrote in Notepad for fear of losing it if something crashed, and apparently the formatting doesn’t translate well, even if I took the whitespace out.


If that’s the case, it can be done by forcing it to.

Chaintech AV-710 7.1 Audio Card Review

And you posted a pic. Positional game audio always works best through analog connections. As for the highs, are you amping it? For a sound card, one would not likely expect it to be delivered in such a large box, but Chaintech has done it!

Have Disk button 6. If older than it should be, I can tell you how to manually force install new driver.

Once the drivers are installed, open the audio control panel using its tray icon on the taskbar. Always experiment as to what sounds best to personal ears.

If you’re using Burr Brown opamps, chaintecj might just mellow it out enough so it sounds ‘normal’. So, how to accomplish this? Select either inf file 8.