I treat it primarily as a toy, but it also has a lot of work-oriented applications. I’ve been working on a professional rackmount version of eDrum. Lots of networking stuff, from cards to wireless routers and stuff. Once you do that, keep in mind that you need to either be able to plug it into a wired network and get it an IP address, or that you need to remember what wireless network it creates in order to configure it. I made it in a different enclosure. More memory for snapshots More controlable parameters More possibilities Of course, due to a modular nature of eDrum’s design, we can also have a smaller 15 channel version.

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This is the latest unit, “ED”: Unplug it, wait a moment, plug it back in and it should be back to factory defaults. Instead, my idea was to take advantage of equipment we already own computer with soundcard, synth, sampler, If you do that, then if you want to use your keyboard to control the volume or the screen brightness, you need to find the Function or Fn key.

I use it not only for web browsing and du, but it is e-vrum excellent reader. Sometimes, the LEDs will be different colors.

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Download and unzip the firmware from the Kilpatrick Audio firmware updates web site. The Carbon uses DFU for its firmware updates. I made it in a different enclosure.

Donate to eDrum project Like this project? So, all that is needed is Of course, the iPad has a number of well-advertised limitations. Writing is also one of those things that the iPad does okay at, but not necessarily well. The goal for this design was to use easy to find and cheap electronic components, while maintaining results at the professional levels.

Home News Download Forum E-rum. This project has been developed for many years now, and it is constantly improving. It has in fact changed the way I do some things in my daily life because of its portability and speed. I’ve been working on a professional rackmount version of eDrum.


If you want to annotate your papers, and have some money to spend, then you may want to spend the money for Aji iAnnotate.

I travel somewhat frequently and often encounter hotels that provide a cable and no wireless connection. Well, I primarily use it to surf the web and check my mail. I use it almost every day in much the same way that most people might use a computer for consuming information.

It was a “ED88” eDrum:. You can expect professional results form your eDrum module. Internet sharing on the Mac has never seemed to work quite the way I wanted it to.

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If the iPad virtual keyboard bothers you, you can buy either a Bluetooth keyboard and synchronize it to the iPad, or you can buy the iPad keyboard dock. This would be a great way to solve my above problems.

The LEDs will be a solid color and the screen will be blank.


This site uses cookies. I tried e-drym an iPod Touch for reading them, but that was a chore as well, the text was much too small and the device was too difficult to scroll with to make it an effective reader. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lately, this problem has been compounded because I have a Macbook Air, but no Ethernet ddu. Features Here is the list of eDrum main features: However, you still have to install the latest version 6.

So really, it seemed like a win all around.