Lamely, the video input can’t be manually set: Mini NES Classic is your childhood in a brilliant little box. Competitors offer better than LG’s one-year warranty. The new standard In 3-dimensional excellence. For a TN screen, LG really has managed some impressive deep blacks, probably helped in part by the semi-gloss screen.

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LG DP Monitor – 25 CINEMA 3D Monitor – LG Electronics SA

While 3D is certainly the marquee feature on the box, we want to see if it stacks up as a standard monitor as well. This can lead to a situation where if LG’s program causes your game to crash, you have to remove the e2542p and start all over again, otherwise your game will always crash. LG’s buttons aren’t labelled. Using the LG as a straight monitor is a little off-putting due to obvious horizontal lines in d252p display. Where to Buy Where to Buy.

You can export your profile, but it’s not human readable in any way — the end user is completely denied manual editing. The new standard In 3-dimensional excellence.

The Bad Not great when used as a PC monitor. They’re context sensitive; that context being shown by the on-screen display OSDwhich is shown whenever a user hits d2452p button. Chat online with a service representative now. See all Specs Close.

Details shown on product images may vary by region, country, or model. The optimal point for 3D viewing on the LG is around a metre away from v2542p monitor, and it can only afford a small range of movement before things move out of alignment.


As a result you get a huge variety of quality, from images that have out-of-whack depth, to movies that throw things out of the screen at you and have their separate elements appear as if they’re floating on separate 2D planes, to something d242p subtle and enjoyable like the efforts made in Avatar or Monsters vs.

You can scan your hard drive for existing games that match the included profiles, or browse and add your own, so long as it uses DirectX 9 – Easily multi-task as you work by splitting the screen up, or fire at your enemies in fast-paced games by spotting them even in the darkest scenes. Weight Kg Set with Stand 3. Featuring superior consistency in colour temperature and less change in contrast, LG IPS panels boast excellent image reproduction.

Once the program has been run, LG launches an overlay in which hotkeys can be used to adjust the stereoscopy depth and how far “in front” images appear. Even that didn’t quite work out as plannedwith 3D slowly making its way to being just another check box on the features list.

Request a Repair Submit an online service request. Native 3D content from the Xbox or PlayStation 3 doesn’t need any intervention from the user, although the monitor does allow you to flip the left and right fields, or convert 3D imagery back to 2D. Its TriDef 3D portal is a media centre-style application, allowing playback of movies and viewing of images. Some features in videos may not be available on all models.


LG’s stand is the bare minimum — no cable management and tilt adjustment only. Help Library Download owner’s manuals and documentation.

d2452p COM website please follow below instructions. The best Black Friday deals of To properly experience our LG. In order to get the best possible experience our LG.

LG’s buttons are pleasingly front-mounted, and aren’t labelled because they don’t need to be. Visit manufacturer site for details.

LG Cinema 3D DP-PN review: LG Cinema 3D DP-PN – CNET

LG’s stand is very basic, and the screen wobbles quite a bit after any adjustment. Continue to next page 01 Dd2542p prescription wearers, LG thoughtfully includes a lens-clip version, which due to being frameless is more immersive than the default set. Better image quality out there for cheaper if you choose to forsake 3D. Crashing software for PC games.