Google Pixel XL 8. Toshiba seems to be able to handle the temperature management of the notebook — but does this also apply to the hardware inside? However, the small speakers fulfill the demands for system sounds or VoIP-applications. Features like reliability and quality but also low emission rates are probably top priorities for the buyer. Although gaming is not one of the main applications of this laptop, we would still like to take a look at the performance for some of the current titles.

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You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. The R only reaches average runtimes despite a powerful Wh-battery.

Review Toshiba Tecra R Notebook – Reviews

A numeric keypad was also integrated. What is essential for a good business notebook? The first thing to note about the keyboard is that, thanks to the screen size, there’s room for a separate number pad, which is always useful. OnePlus 6T first take review: Black Ops 2 But what effects does the slim design have on its stability?

It teca to be seen if all these applications are really needed.


PT530A-05902U – Toshiba Tecra R950 Computer (DISCONTINUED)

When you press the Fn key, a useful map of the available functions — and multiple functions on a single key if present — pops up at the top of the screen. The range of interfaces includes Mac Mini 8. The result is quite impressive: But is 9r50 enough to justify the high price?

Gigabit Ethernet is also available for wired networking. PCMark 7 – Score sort by value. Disk data transfer rate.

Altogether, the Tecra R has earned a good but not very good overall grade in this discipline. The remaining scores were 5. Design and form factor. To achieve really smooth frame rates though, the resolution needs to be changed to x pixels or less, which is still suitable for communication purposes. All input commands are processed quickly and can be done via multi-touch-gestures pinch-to-zoom, scrolling with two fingers if desired.

With brightness set to maximum, it’s crisp and clear, and even with Toshiba’s power-saving Eco mode enabled, which drops the brightness to 50 percent, it’s perfectly readable in normal office lighting. A maximum thickness of The stick has its own pair of buttons, and there’s a button just below the spacebar that toggles the touchpad but not the stick trcra and off, to guard against accidental pointer movement when you’re typing.


Write a detailed review. In addition to a more modern and energy-efficient graphics card, Toshiba should consider a more powerful cooling system.

Toshiba Tecra R950-11F

The little Mac that could. There are dual navigation options, in the shape of a two-button multitouch touchpad with vertical and horizontal scroll zones and a small blue pointing stick between the G, B and H keys. LG V40 ThinQ review: Matte surfaces, dark colors: The optics of the Tecra R corresponds to the typical subtle standard of a professional notebook.

Stereo speakersmicrophone. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. Viewing angles Toshiba Tecra R The underside carries the proprietary docking port and provides easy single screw removal access to the memory slots, PCIe MiniCard slots and the hard drive compartment.

Is our candidate up for the challenge?